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How to stage your House & get ready to sell.

Get ready for your weekly tips on getting your house ready. While all these tips may be daunting tasks, they will absolutely affect the sale and desirability of your house sale.

Tip #1: Start Decluttering! Get rid of everything you haven't used in years or that you have no more use for. If you have a lot of décor throughout the house - try to keep these at a minimum. Take the excess décor that you can't part with and start boxing it up for your new home.

Tip #2: Neutral, Neutral, Neutral! Go through your rooms and look at the color paint on your walls. Buyer's like colors that are NOT obligating. Neutral is the way to go! Another tip about color; If your rooms are on the smaller side - go with a neutral color like Navaho White - it will make the room look larger. If your rooms are on the larger side, they can hold color and not make the room feel so confining. .... Still, neutral is always better!

Tip #3: Natural Light. Let the light shine in! Light always puts a positive spin on your rooms. Open the curtains, let the natural light in and make sure that your windows are clean!

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